BigBurgh – A New Way to Find Assistance in Pittsburgh

PCGF supports development of new app developed to link homeless people to services such as food or shelter.

The app, called BigBurgh, is coming to fruition through the efforts of the Homeless Children’s Education Fund and the Pittsburgh Child Guidance Foundation.

It makes it possible for users to identify their age and gender and then use the touch screen to find venues for where they can access shelter, food, a place to shower or eat, medical help and other services.


Putting It on Your Smart Phone’s Home Screen is “just” a web site, so to get to it you just type in “” on your phone’s browser (Safari on iPhones, Chrome on Android Phones).

On the iPhone:
To place an icon on your home screen, with Bigburgh open on your browser, click on the share button on the bottom (a rectangle with an up arrow) and then select “Add to Home Screen” (the button with the gray rectangle with the plus sign in the middle). You will then get an “Add to Home” screen where you can type in BIGBURGH as the icon’s identifying title. Then touch “Add” on the upper right.

On Android Phones:
With BigBurgh open on your browser, touch the menu button (the vertical three dots on the upper right) and then touch “Add to Home screen.” You can then type in the name for the icon before adding it.