Our Supporters

Jeremiah’s Place is proud to serve our surrounding communities and we could not have started our mission without the aide and guidance of our supporters.

Founding Donors

Michael Bingler
Neil and Bev Brem
Pamela Buongiorno
Michele Cole
Danielle Deemer
Timothy Dunlap
James and Phyllis Fabian
Alda Gonzaga
Twila Hallam
Anne Handler
Ted and Kim Herczog
Katherine Lahowetz
Eric and Lynn Linn
David and Marianne Bokan-Blair
Joseph and Carol Massaro
Linda Massaro
Francine McCauley
Patrick McMahon
John Mitchell
Timothy Mullins and Anne Scheuermann
Dr. Alan Murdock
Dr. Tammy Murdock
Katie Nason
Patrick and Ellen O’Donnell
Jana Randall
Greg and LouAnn Ross
Robin Salosky
John and Lynn Schrott
Thomas Scott
David & Eileen Sharbaugh
Carol Squires
Rosemarie Swain
Amy Szuba
Kathleen Testoni
Karen Vanderven
Cynthia and Ryan Wells
Alan Williams
Diana Williams
Lynne Williams, M.D.,
Lorrie and Mike Zetwo