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Jeremiah’s Place serves such wonderful families, and we love to give back to them whenever possible. On December 3, 2019, Jeremiah’s Place invited a few JP families to attend a holiday event at Heinz Field with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Below is a message from one of our families about their experience with Jeremiah’s Place and the Steelers event:


We would like to say that we are both very happy and grateful for all the support that Jeremiah's Place has provided us in helping us take care of our daughter when we didn't have anyone watch over her. They have not only provided an invaluable service because it allows us to not only work and take care of important things for our family, but they have also provided what we consider a "second home" home for her.

Our daughter has a great affinity to all the staff that has watched over her. In fact, every once in a while she asks us when is she going back to Jeremiah's. She says she loves it here. I would think that they have truly earned her trust, as well as ours. Although she has never stayed overnight, I am certain that this would also be a great experience for her.

I would think that they have truly earned her trust, as well as ours.

She has asked us a couple of times if she could have a "sleep over" at Jeremiah's thinking this would be a great experience for her.

Moreover, Jeremiah's also gave us an unexpected surprise gift when they invited us to attend the Heinz Field Steelers Event on December 3, 2019. The event was truly more than what we expected. It was filled with fun filled activities for children, including writing a letter to Santa and giving it to him personally while also getting a picture with him. It was very memorable for her to say the least. The gifts and food were a bonus that also surprised us and left us speechless. As mentioned earlier, we were very grateful for this event and all the support Jeremiah's has provided.

Again, thank you to Jeremiah's for everything, and we are hoping that in the future they are able to expand, so more and more families throughout Pittsburgh can experience the same support and benefits.

- Submitted by: Bradford Wyman


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