JP & The Pittsburgh Steelers – Reaching out to help the most vulnerable

When the idea for the Steelers' Social Justice Grant program was being discussed, one of the things everyone involved wanted to help the vulnerable in the Pittsburgh community.

And the organization did just that with three separate donations today.

As a part of the Social Justice Grant program the Steelers donated $30,000, which includes $10,000 each to the Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, Jeremiah's Place and Bethlehem Haven, three organizations that genuinely help the most vulnerable in Pittsburgh – women and children.

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"It means everything to us that the Steelers are helping us,"

Lisa Perry
Executive Director
Jeremiah's Place

Jeremiah's Place can best be described as a safe, warm, welcoming place for children. They protect kids and work to strengthen families by proving a safe haven, as well as support for the kids when the families are experiencing difficult situations and need a place where their child can be safe.

Jeremiah's Place, which opened in 2014, has served more than 400 kids with emergency and crisis related child care, in cases where a family member might have to escape an abusive situation, but doesn't have anyone to help care for their child while they are at work. They nurture the children, while providing them with all of the basics and services that children need.

"It means everything to us that the Steelers are helping us," said Lisa Perry, Executive Director of Jeremiah's Place. "Our work is not done in isolation. It does take a greater community for us to do the support and work. For the Steelers to select Jeremiah's Place, it means the world to us.

"We know they are a family organization by the sheer nature of the Rooney family. For them to recognize the importance of strengthening families and children like we do at Jeremiah's Place makes sense that we would be able to jointly do that and offer support to our families whose sole goal is to conduct themselves in the way the family does, which is strengthening and supporting their own."

Steelers players have been involved with Jeremiah's Place in the past, doing autograph signings to help raise funds for the organization.

"Young players come to Pittsburgh and get tethered to the community and see the importance of giving back," said Perry. "Seeing the players are nested in the community, which is what team is all about, building community. For players to recognize the importance of giving back and changing the story for others is phenomenal."