Today is Sponsored by the Bella Cappelli Academy of Robinson

Today is generously sponsored by the staff and students of the Bella Cappelli Academies in Robinson and Monroeville (a Paul Mitchell Partner School).This is the second consecutive year Bella Cappelli Academy has sponsored a day for Jeremiah's Place.

Paul Mitchell Schools are committed to giving back to their community, and they have collectively raised $21 million dollars since 2004.

Jeremiah's Place is honored to be the local Pittsburgh charity of Bella Cappelli Academy!

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More About the Bella Capelli Academy - A Paul Michell Partner School

We prepare our students (or as we call them, Future Professionals) for careers in the beauty industry as licensed cosmetologists. Students are guided by our Learning Leaders through the Cosmetology program’s three levels—Core, Adaptive and Creative—taking on more advanced techniques and building real-world skills and confidence as they move through each stage.

Paul Mitchell Schools prepare you for your life beyond the classroom doors—but before you can land your dream job in the beauty industry, you must first pass the Cosmetology State Board Examination. Fortunately, our Learning Leaders are trained to teach using a unique multifaceted approach to address the full range of learning styles in every lesson and with every student. So whether you’re a visual learner or learn best hands-on, we’ll help you feel confident and prepared to pass the state board examination and become a licensed cosmetologist.

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