Protecting Children. Strengthening Families. Transforming Communities.

Our primary focus at Jeremiah's Place is to protect children and to provide safe and supportive solutions for families in need.

Our mission is simple: Jeremiah's Place protects children and strengthens families by providing a safe haven of respite, health, renewal, and support for children when their families are experiencing a critical need for childcare.

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Our Vision and Values


Our Vision

By providing families with support in caring for their young children when they need it most, we hope to create a community that is a safe and nurturing place for all children to thrive.
Strong Families / Safe Families

Our Values

We are guided in our work by these core principles:

  • Every person should be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity
  • Young children thrive in a safe and nurturing environment and so do their families
  • Parenting is one of the most important yet challenging jobs that anyone can do
  • Supporting families without judgement makes all the difference
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