Admission and Discharge Process

A Dedication to Safe, Quality Care

How Does Jeremiah's Place Handle Admissions and Discharges?

During a child’s admission to our center, caregivers confirm pickup information, complete a stress level indicator, provide their reason for using care, and sign paperwork confirming care details and their child’s physical check.

Every child that enters Jeremiah's Place completes a physical check during admission to and discharge from our center. The physical check ensures caregivers that each child is safe when in our care.

Our staff completes stress level indicators with caregivers to determine their stress and anxiety levels on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the most stressed or anxious. These check-ins are used to gain information on how we can help identify resources and needs. If a family would like additional resources, they can alert a staff member at any time during the admission or discharge process, and a member from our Strong Families Team will reach out to them directly.

At Jeremiah's Place, we understand that leaving your little ones in the care of others can be stressful, especially if you and your family are struggling through a crisis. We take the care and well-being of every child seriously, and our admission and discharge processes give parents peace of mind each step of the way.