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Our Impact In The Community

Every single day Jeremiah's Place makes a lasting impression in our communities by continuing to provide emergency childcare services to families and children in need throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Our services are absolutely free of charge, and most importantly, judgment-free.

Since we opened our doors in April 2014, Jeremiah's Place has provided thousands of hours of emergency childcare services to hundreds of families across nearly one hundred ZIP codes.

At Jeremiah's Place, our primary focus is to keep children safe and to provide a safe and supportive solution for families in need.


Hours of Emergency Childcare Provided

Jeremiah's Place has been able to provide nearly 200,000 hours of emergency childcare services.

This is by way of nearly 9,120 total visits where each child that stays with Jeremiah's Place is here for an average of 18 hours per visit!


Individual Children Cared For

Since our inception, Jeremiah's Place has provided emergency childcare services for nearly 1,900 individual children in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

Families Served

Our total number of families using our services continues to grow as we also develop more in-depth relationships with the families that are already familiar with our offerings.

These families have continued to utilize our valuable services, including more overnight stays while also spreading the word of how valuable our benefits to the community are.

  • 57% of our families use us as they search for work or attend job training
  • 15% of our families use us to attend medical appointments or during medical and mental health emergencies
  • 20% of our families utilize us for respite care
  • 75% of our families identify as African American or bi-racial

Zip Codes

Our reach stretches far outside the borders of East Liberty and Pittsburgh.

Jeremiah's Place has been able to help families from 78 ZIP codes including the counties of Allegheny, Westmoreland, and Washington.


Average Visits Per Child

Once a family has been introduced to the services we provide, we see that they utilize our services, on average, 5 times. This shows their confidence in our services since they are using them multiple times, while also maintaining that the services we provide are short-term in nature.

The services of Jeremiah's Place make a difference and once a family has been onboarded it makes it easier for them to become repeat visitors.


Cost of Our Emergency Childcare Services

The emergency childcare services offered by Jeremiah's Place are free, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and most importantly are judgment-free.

We are able to provide our incredible offerings to families across Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas through the generous support we receive from our communities and corporate sponsors.

Please consider helping our cause so we can continue to make an impact on the lives of the children and families that need us the most!

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