Learn how to make these cuddly keepsakes

What is a JereBear?

JereBears are cute and cuddly keepsakes that find a home with every child that stays at Jeremiah's Place. When a child stays with us our goal is to create a home away from home - that's where our JereBears come in! These hand-sewn variations of the classic teddy bear are gifted to every child who walks through our doors.

Because every single JereBear is handmade and donated by our community, they are all unique and help serve as a core memory to a visit at Jeremiah's Place.

How Do I Make a JereBar?

JereBears are great, but they don't make themselves!

These invaluable mementos are donated to us by the talented members of our communities. If you're good with a needle download our instructions. We'd love for you to donate JereBears to the children and families that rely on our emergency childcare services.

Crochet Pattern Credit: Riley Konesky @crayoncrochetcritters

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