A Cute and Cuddly Keepsake That Goes Home with Every Child That Visits Us

Each and every JereBear is different because they're all handmade and donated

When a child stays at Jeremiah's Place we try to make each and every one feel comfortable in their new surroundings. That's where our JereBears come in!

These little hand sewn variations of the classic teddy bear are gifted to every child that walks through our doors.

Not only does it make a child feel more comfortable, it also acts as memento to their time spent with us Jeremiah's Place.

JereBears are great, but they don't make themselves!

These little guys are donated to us by talented members of our communities. If you're good with a needle download our instructions and we'd love for you to donate JereBears to the children and families that rely on our emergency childcare services.

Download JereBear Instructions
Other Ways to Give to JP
Crochet Pattern Credit: Riley Konesky @crayoncrochetcritters

Not Big on Sewing? That's OK!

Download Our No-Sew Blanket Template